Rain (click to see whole work)


This work is related to touch.
How delicately can I create a matrix,
that will hold enough ink,
to leave evidence of its existence on paper?
Or how transparent does the paper need to be to see all of the information?
How softly can one be touched
and still be felt?
How hard does one need to be hit
to be marked?
Often when it begins to rain,
your not sure
if it was a rain drop you felt or something else.
You stop
pay more attention…
Maybe hold out your hand as an invitation for the rain to touch your skin again.
I want to make images that are about delicate moments,
moments involving the senses, instead of logic.
Images about fragility, beauty and delicacy found in humanity

This work is a series of lithographs inspired by the New Mexican rain. Several of the works were printed at the Tamarind Institute.