Cellular Inspired (click to see whole work)

This work draws inspiration from repetitive mark making, biological forms, and plant life. It is a formal exploration of shape and pattern. I am fascinated by nature and biology. Cells are of particular interest to me. Im intrigued by their ability to reproduce, mutate and spread uncontrollably. To the untrained eye, cells can be seen as beautiful forms/shapes, interesting patterns. However, to a specialist these forms mean so much more including the spread of unwanted disease and death.  I find it fascinating how something so detrimental as cancer, can look so beautiful under a microscope. In our world, things often appear one way, but upon closer examination, are completely different.

My interest in prolific growth extends to my gardening practice. Vines are a true love. These plants tend to have a life of their own, given the space, they will fill it, over take it, wrap around, creep and craw up whatever gets in their path. Seeds and flowers are fascinating due to their repetition; a sunflower head is a wonderful example.

This work combines multiple shaped etchings, wood, traditional and waterless lithography, screen printing and digital processes.