Invade: Solo show at Midland College

I just returned from Midland, TX where I installed my solo show, Invade. The show will be up until September 30 at McCormick Gallery. Everyone at Midland College was fantastic. A special thanks IMG_6688to the gallery director, Michael Hubbard and the Department Chair, Kent Moss. Here are some pictures of the show.IMG_6684 IMG_6685 IMG_6687 IMG_6689 IMG_6690 IMG_6692 IMG_6693 IMG_6695 IMG_6699 IMG_6700 IMG_6701 IMG_6702 IMG_6703 IMG_6704 IMG_6706 IMG_6705 IMG_6708 IMG_6709 IMG_6712 IMG_6714 IMG_6715 IMG_6717 IMG_6719 IMG_6718 IMG_6720 IMG_6723 IMG_6724 IMG_6725 IMG_6726 IMG_6730 IMG_6729 IMG_6727 IMG_6731 IMG_6733 IMG_6735 IMG_6739 IMG_6740