Collaborative works Arnold/Salvator (click on image to see whole work)

This work is a collaboration between Kristina Arnold and Myself. Here is a little bit about our working process:

Marilee Salvator and Kristina Arnold were introduced to each others’ practices when they became colleagues at WKU in 2015, discovering that their work shares both a similar set of biologically-based inspirations and a compatible visual aesthetic. Working collaboratively seemed like a logical next step, and through this process the two discovered that they also have similar styles and methods of working. As both are space-based and process-based artists with a strong connection to materials, over the month of June their collaborative project evolved to fill every flat surface of the WKU printmaking studio. Working multiple pieces at a time, the artists trade off, layering down marks via press, screen, hand and sewing machine. They work back and forth, making editorial decisions together along the way.

Layers and marks simultaneously create both addition and subtraction. Through a process of continual accretion, elements combine, imagery emerges, is removed, and eventually stabilizes. Through references to botanical and human biology, the duality of growth as both generative and destructive is explored.

Working together, the artists have created an energetic, new series that contains recognizable elements from each artist, and that also encapsulates a combined aesthetic. Additionally, allowing themselves to be open to and trust each others’ decision-making has opened windows for each into their own practices.

Please view Kristina Arnold’s website to see more of her fabulous work!